About SRS

The History of SRS

SRS has fostered and enhanced research in various disciplines of surgery under its auspices for more than 50 years. The society has links with other important surgical research forums in USA, Europe and South Africa. It provides a platform to aspiring surgical trainees to present their laboratory as well as clinical research. Even in an era of specialisation, SRS has maintained its independent status but at the same time maintained vital links with other surgical associations & societies such as ASGBI, VSGBI, ACPGBI and AUGIS.

It is prestigious and the oldest surgical research forum. The earlier in your career you join the more benefits are available to you. Specifically the society offers the following:

  • A forum to present laboratory and clinical research
  • An opportunity to link and meet with other research groups in Great Britain & Ireland and abroad
  • A forum for the new trainee research network
  • A platform to discuss pertinent medico-political issues and viewpoints such as MMC, PMETB, Revalidation, Government reviews (Darzi review)
  • Surgical networking
  • Notification of meetings
  • Reduced membership to BST’s and HST’s at any level
  • Reduced BJS subscription rates (online only)
  • An opportunity to participate in the activities of the society such as organisation of meetings and membership of the council in the future

Constitution of SRS

Read the Constitution of the Surgical Research Society.